Manshine starts at 4PM when we welcome you at the front gate!

There will be a registration desk at the top of the hill – just follow the road as it winds up the ridge.

At Registration, we will assign your sleeping quarters and give you a few useful items for the weekend (a name tag, a detailed timetable and orientation information). We also invite you to have your photo taken for the directory we send to all attendees after the weekend. All photography at Manshine is by consent, and you will not appear in the directory if you do not wish it. As well as good men to talk to, there will be tea and coffee available after you have stowed your gear.
The first big event is dinner, served at 6:30PM followed by our welcoming ceremony!
(If you think you might be late, please call ahead so we put a meal aside for you.)
Workshops start before breakfast on Saturday if you are an early riser, otherwise breakfast at seven!
We are still making up the final program for Manshine this year so to give you a taste, we encourage you to read the program from Manshine 2019.
(There was no Manshine in 2020 due to Covid19)
Manshine finishes at 3PM on Monday!
P: 07 3067 3449
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