Friday 30 April – Monday 3 May, 2021

Camp Somerset, Crossdale
When the landscape has been burned and scarred, it may look to be alien, uninviting and desolate.

In the natural world, a charred landscape can enable something fresh, new and energetic to emerge. Order can come from chaos. Our landscape can regenerate.

How is your landscape doing?

Manshine 2021 has workshops to energise, question and explore – all the tools you need to help seed your own regeneration.

At Mens Wellbeing we pride ourselves on supporting men through whatever they are going through, whether they are flourishing and looking to enrich their lives or they have hit a crisis and are reaching out for help. You will find men from many different backgrounds and experiences all coming together for the long weekend in May to help support one another along the journey.

What can I expect?

There will be a wide range of workshops and activities available, from drumming circles, singing in the morning sun, “chilled” in-depth conversation around campfires to yoga sessions. Personal growth opportunities are around every corner at Manshine!

Some growth experiences or workshops can contain unexpected emotional challenges for men. So that no man gets “left behind” Manshine offers our oldest and most experienced members as “elders”. These are men ready for any man who needs to talk something through outside of a workshop or the hustle of the main gathering.

Our promise is a supportive community looking to help all men. Quality friendships are regularly made at Manshine.
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Who can come?

Every man is welcome at Manshine. Whether you are old or young, straight or gay, rich or poor. Whatever your culture, whatever your belief system, whatever your politics. If you identify as a man, you are welcome.

The Venue

Camp Somerset borders Lake Somerset and the western edge of D’Aguilar National Park. It is a beautiful setting, ideal for this gathering, and for bush-walking, swimming, canoeing and peaceful reflection. Accommodation is in modern self-contained cabins. There is also room for camping and campervans. Meals are provided in the communal dining hall by our wonderful cooks! All meals and workshops are included in your ticket price.
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Manshine is an Open Ground men’s gathering by Mens Wellbeing.

Mens Wellbeing is focused on developing the wellbeing of men to foster healthy relationships, families & communities. We are a not-for-profit community organisation and are not affiliated with any religious or political organisation.
“But what is a men’s gathering?” and other frequently asked questions.
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