Manshine 2018 is Coming!

Qld Labour Day Long Weekend
Friday 4 May to Monday 7 May, 2018

Mate, we can provide the workplace, the shovel and show you how to use it but the truth is becoming a better man is very much a do-it-yourself project!
It all begins and ends with “ME”

During the day we offer a broad selection of workshops facilitated by our experienced men. Workshops can range from drumming, to tribal dance, singing, discussion of relationships with fathers, sons, and partners, and more. Our cabaret allows anyone to show off their musical or comedy talents, while our Heart Circle allows men to honour their deepest truth.

Our gatherings are all about choice. Throughout the weekend, you choose what you participate in. It’s okay to say “no”! Manshine men’s gathering allows men of all ages and walks of life to connect in a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere of confidentiality. Feel what it is to be part of a solid and inclusive community of men. Be yourself, open your heart, and participate in workshops where you can share the good, the bad and the ugly. Manshine is a place for self-reflection, growth, fun and laughter.

Manshine is an Open Ground men’s gathering by

Men's Wellbeing

Mens Wellbeing is focused on developing the wellbeing of men to foster healthy relationships, families & communities.
We are a not-for-profit community organisation and are not affiliated with any religious or political organisation.

The Venue

Camp Somerset borders Lake Somerset and the western edge of D’Aguilar National Park.  It is a beautiful setting, ideal for this gathering, and for bush-walking, swimming, canoeing and peaceful reflection. Accommodation is in modern self-contained cabins. There is also room for camping and campervans. Meals are provided in the communal dining hall by our wonderful cooks! All meals and workshops are included in your ticket price.


and it reinforced that men need help and support (sometimes)
I learnt so much
It was f— amazing
It's like finding my tribe Wolfgang
I am filled to the brim ... Let’s hope it lasts! Andy
It's better than my birthday, Christmas or a holiday Trevor
I want others in the Construction Industry to experience this Ray
I make sure to maintain my relationship, my career, my car and my house. Manshine is maintenance for my masculinity.